Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rochor Centre - Part of History Shared

Part of Singapore’s history and part of mine.

Rochor Centre used to be the place when I was young, following my mother to visit my Aunt staying somewhere nearby. We would take a bus from Woodlands and stop near Rochor Centre, change to a Rickshaw and continue on for about 15mins. Yes, back then Rickshaw rides were still a mode of transport rather than just a form of tourist attractions.

So when I heard that Rochor Centre is going to be demolished soon to make way for the construction of the North-South Expressway. I knew I have to bring my girls for a tour before it’s gone. Depositing a part of my history to my family.

Rochor Centre was built in 1977, with a total of 4 blocks. The first three floors consist of shophouses and offices, the fourth floor is the void deck and the residents stay from the fifth floor onwards. The top floor is level 17. With the decision from LTA and SLA, the residents will be relocated to Kallang Trivista, near Kallang MRT Station.

The uniqueness of Rochor Centre has to be the 4 different vibrant colors for each Block 1-4.

When we were there, we saw quite a number of photography enthusiastic roaming around taking photos either for personal or project use.

Saw this metal grill under one of the blocks and the ladies took up their poses like a pro.

Walking around the estate, you will find some old-fashioned paintings or murals at the void decks. Though old but very interesting.

Anyone knows which swimming pool is this?

And the this MRT replicate is simply amazing. So real!

I was treated to a very nice melancholic flute music by this resident.

I don’t think my mother ever took a photo at this iconic place before.

My proud photo of this beautiful place with my beautiful family.

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  1. Your photos sicken me. They highlight so vividly what we will be losing
    - some inspirational ideas on decorating public housing. It is such ideas
    which are quintessentially Sporean, not plastic gardens which cost
    $50+ Million a Year to upkeep and other similarly expensive projects.
    Obviously, we have no idea of true worth in this country and what can
    make us really stand out.

    Even more sickening is that this highway is being built even as the
    govt preaches a carlite nation!! What utter irony.... What stupidity....