Thursday, April 21, 2016

Running for a Cause - NTUC Income RUN 350 & Unlabelled Run

Some runs are unnecessary, some are for a reason. Glad to run in 2 races in the past one week, run for a greener future (NTUC Income RUN 350) and for the ex-offenders (Unlabelled Run).

NTUC Income RUN 350

When I told a few friends that I was running the 350 Run, their natural response was “You mean the 360 Run, is it?”. I have to admit, when I first heard about the run, I did thought the organizer wrote wrongly too. 350 means nothing but 360 is like a full circle (more meaningful). That is when I realized how uninformed I was.

350 refers to the recommended parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere that scientists believe is de rigueur for the Earth’s sustainability as we know it. Today, this number is around 400ppm. We have hit a climate milestone, as this is the first time in 800,000 years that the level hits 400ppm.

NTUC Income RUN 350, organized by Young NTUC is in support of – an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis – the solutions that science and justice demands.

This is the first run that I have participated that provides busing services (for $6/pax) from various locations all around the island to bring us to the race venue. That’s nice.

Running from F1 Pit Building, means the scene will be fantastic.

With my running shifu, Ben Ang, before the race. I didn’t realized that we are both quite tanned.

Mandatory photo after a race, with our hard earned medal and banana.


Praise God, I managed to clock 62mins for the 10km run, my personal best since I started to run this year.


Unlabelled Run 2016

This run has been postponed once last year due to haze. Back then I was not into running yet, so I was not so keen to run in the race at all, plus paying to run has never been part of my belief. But when the race was rescheduled to this April and when brother Johnny from The New Charis Mission came to share about how this unlabelled run will be a means of showing our support to the ex-offenders, I was totally bought it.

The Unlabelled Run is organized by The New Charis Mission (TNCM), a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness of their work informed by the values of Hope and Change. With a vision to bring new hope and opportunities to those in despair and neglect, TNCM seeks to enable the disenfranchised through targeted programmes, tools and refuge.

This run was also special because this is the first time I am joined by my CG members for a run. Can you see our excitement but also tired face? 630am at East Coast is not easy.

Another first is my old friend Jonathan (extreme left) who came and joined me after hearing I am participating in this race. He has not been running for almost 4-5 years and this is the first race. Then there is George (middle guy) who has not been running in a race for more than 20 years! And he sportingly signed up with me to run. Salute!
FYI, I am the youngest among the three, I’m 42 =)

Another photo right at the starting line.

We did it! Happy for Jon and George to complete the 5km race without any major problem.

All 8 runners for the day.

And the supporters aka wife & family.

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