Thursday, May 19, 2016

Food Art with Samantha Lee

Before I attended this event, I didn’t know who is Samantha Lee and no knowledge about Food Art. All I know about food is the basic 3-steps of living: Cook – Eat – S***.

Without any expectations, we were at Holiday Inn last weekend, waiting for the event to start and to meet the lady who is going to teach us about making food look artistic.


It was a private event for 16 families plus the staff of Holiday Inn.


Turn out to be, Samantha Lee is an internationally acclaimed Food Artist, who creates food art with the daily ingredients we see and make it more interesting for kids. She is a mother of two, hailing from Malaysia and her Instagram has more than over 700,000 followers.


At first the kids were a bit reluctant to go forward and see how Samantha does the creation, but soon, even the parents are all crowding around her table to take photos and videos of her work.

And Jayne had one of the best spot, which is why even Kless handed over her camera for the little girl.

Samantha started creating food art back in December 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and adventurously, and that is when you started to get her ideas and shared publicly on IG since 2011. Even Dailymail UK commented her creation as, “Art that looks good enough to eat!”

Since she was teaching kids and art-nerks like myself, the 3 dishes she demonstrated were relatively easier and can be done within minutes. Even the ingredients are easy to prepare. No fanciful stuff.

‘Plttafish’ from Vege Pita Burger


‘Grabby Crabby’ from DIY Lettuce Cups



‘Squiggly Sheep’ from Spaghetti Bolognese


Demonstration time looks easy. Now it’s time for the girls to give it a try. The team was headed by the Main Chefs who diligently stood at the front table for 15mins, taking in all the ‘kungfu’ from the master.

The Kuan Sisters!


Assisted by the Junior Chef, Kless Lee.

We were given a star award by the master, Samantha herself!


Maybe Kless will start to do a series of Food Art Bentos for the girls in the days to come. For me, I’ll stick to my Ramen and Steak.


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