Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sundown Run with Skechers

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Recently, our family had the chance to participate in the OSIM Sundown Run.

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It was such a blessing to be able to exercise and run with my girls (big & small). We are LIMITLESS!

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Prior to the run, Kless and I had the privilege to visit the Skechers’ shop and choose a new pair of running shoes for the race.

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My feet are generally wider than usual, and because of my bony structure, it is usually an headache to find suitable shoes for running. But thankfully with Skechers, there is not only one but two series of shoes that caters to wide front.

Performance Series - Skechers GoRun 4 & Skechers GoRun Ride 5

GoRun 4 (2016) – designed for speed with innovative performance technologies to promote a midfoot strike while offering cushioning and impact protection.

GoRun Ride 5 – increased resalyte cushioning for additional impact protection and response.

2016-05-27 14.25.06

My choice was the striking red GoRun 4 (2016) model.

The shoe is made of a knit material that provides just the right amount of stretch and comfort in wearing. It is also highly breathable and flexible. And like I mentioned earlier, the upper hugs the midfoot and opens up in the toe area leaving ample of room for wider foot like mine.

Looking at the sole, you will find the mid-section (red part), composed of foam that Skechers called Resalyte. This gives the shoe a firmer and more responsive feel when running. In simpler terms, the shoes gives me more ‘ground feel’.

At the heel of the shoes, there is a hole which is basically known as the quick fit.

 2016-05-28 19.20.42 2016-05-28 19.20.06 2016-05-28 19.21.28

It is a great running shoes for anything less than a half marathon. Beyond that, I would re-consider due to the softness of the sole and for a longer distance, may become slightly uncomfortable.

2016-05-28 14.27.21

Incidentally, the entire family is wearing Skechers for the Sundown run. Cool!

2016-05-28 19.22.41

And more than that, my first run with this new pair of shoes, I conquered 2 races at one event.

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