Thursday, June 2, 2016

Woodlands Primary Celebrates 40th Birthday

I have no idea that my alumni primary school is only 40 years old.

Joey is in P4 this year and she is privileged to be part of the celebration. She has to report early on Saturday to prepare her game stall and did her duty or 1.5 hours. I think she really loves to give instructions to others, totally into her role, explaining the rules to students coming forward to play.

Jayne is still too young to be involved, maybe when WPS celebrates 45 anniversary, Jayne will have chance to serve too.

For now, she is satisfied to just enjoy herself without her elder sister.


Fill up the box with marbles in 1 min’s time. She was so fast, she completed the task with much time to spare.

Stack the paper cups.

Target shooting with rubber bands. This may look easy for adults but for kids, they are still developing the skill to pull, aim and shoot.


Every empty space in the school compound has been transformed for the carnival, a time for parent-children bonding, a time for alumni like myself to reminisce the old days.

Even the canteen stall owners came back to prepare some special food to support the event.

Parent Volunteers lived up to their name and helped to man a stall for some good old goodies.

And no school carnival is complete without the Milo Van.

The highlight for an old boy like myself has to be the well thought of idea to invite all the past years’ principals to come back and grace the occasion.

Happy 40th birthday WPS! So proud that my girls are part of the same legacy I was in before.

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