Thursday, December 15, 2016

Primero Laptop Stand [Review]

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Back aches. Stiff neck. Tired shoulders. Sounds familiar?

Are you currently reading this post on your laptop? Then maybe you have the same problem like me, and millions all over the world. Studies have shown that wrong posture while using their laptops has been causing children as young as 12 years old to be diagnosed with nerve damage along the spine.

Rather than being surprised over the facts and studies, Primero provides a range of Laptop Stands for users to choose and correct the sitting posture now.

This is the usual scene at home, laptop on the writing table and I will sit there for hours working or browsing through the internet. Worst still, sometimes we even eat our meals while working our laptops.

Can you see my posture while using the laptop? My head is titled downwards as the height of the laptop is definitely much lower than my eye level. This will inevitably cause tension and stress on my neck and spine. No wonder after hours of staying in this position, we tend to have back aches, neck pain and/or even headaches.

2016-12-09 12.23.37 2016-12-10 09.49.44

So, how is a Primero ErgoSilver Laptop Stand useful?

It can surely improve the sitting posture, and reduce the strain from your neck, shoulders and back. Instead of looking downwards, your vision is straight and helps to improve blood circulation if you need to work for long. Of course the recommended thing to do, is to take breaks in between work and walk around. This will not only help to release the pressure on the back and also improves blood circulation.

If height of the laptop is the problem, why not just use books to elevate it? Well, books can do the trick but they are not stable like a stand. It’s messy and doesn’t looks nice. On top of that, having books under the laptop does not help to cool the heat generated by the long hours’ use. The ErgoSilver, with its pure aluminum body panel is able to conduct heat away and effectively cool your laptop.

2016-12-11 20.42.46 2016-12-09 12.25.14

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand
Comes in box size: 25cm x 22.5 cm x 16 cm
Its size: 16cm at rear, 8cm at front
Material: Aluminum, waterproof, water resistant, stainless
Weight: Less than 1.8kg
Usage: Able to hold laptops comfortably up to 18” size

2016-12-09 12.24.15

If you look at stand, you will find this small but useful space just under the upper level. Don’t miss it out, serves well to keep the table uncluttered by storing books or notes in the space.

2016-12-09 12.26.06

Comparing my sitting posture with and without the ErgoSilver Laptop Stand.

2016-12-10 09.49.44 2016-12-10 09.50.24

My posture has definitely improved. Not the best yet, maybe a better chair for the back support is needed too. However, with the laptop stand, I now need an external keyboard when previously I can just type on my laptop directly. While, I guess to have a correct and better posture is not going to be fuss free and cost free.

I am definitely going to instruct my girls to use the laptop stand from now on. Do it right when young!

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