Monday, February 4, 2013

Sentosa Flowers - Joys of Spring (Part 1)

Last year we were invited to witness the unveiling of the Dragon Sand Sculpture. This year again thanks to Sentosa, we were invited to be part of the record-breaking sand sculpture creation by JOOheng.

This is the first year since 2005 to be held by the beach and the attempt to break the Singapore Book of Records with the ‘Longest Snake Sand Sculpture’. The master creator, JOOheng Tan, is our homegrown sand artist who has done numerous sand work all around the world.

Click on the picture below to know more about this year’s Sentosa Flowers 2013 event highlights.

As usual, the girls were super excited when we told them about the event. In fact, any event held in Sentosa is going to be hit with the girls. Especially if they have the chance to play with the sand, colourful sand!


About 10 kids were given the liberty to exercise their creativity to add some colours on this 168m snake sand sculpture. According to JOOheng, he spent 6 days to complete this piece of art. Amazing!


Look at how eager every child is trying to get their favourite coloured sand.

DSC_6021 DSC_6022

Green to start it off for Joey and Orange for Jayne.

DSC_6026 DSC_6025

Rules for the ‘painting’: no stepping on the sand sculpture, no water on the sand sculpture, no pressing of hands on the sand sculpture. Pretty strict rules for kids, but we can all feel the pride of the master when he was talking about his creation.


A simple demonstration.

DSC_6032 DSC_6037

Forgot to ask JOOheng, where did he buy that mini plastic shovel. Pretty cool to have that instead of the spoons the kids were given.


Let’s begin! From this event, I can truly see that Joey is definitely the ‘louder’ sister among the 2 of them. Jayne is slightly more preserved when it comes to arts. I guess they truly live up to their names.


Jayne started with an orange sun picture, the the red to make it more outstanding.




Joey went straight for a large patch of green which is followed by another round of red.



After the sun picture, Jayne wanted to create a butterfly. But I guess it was just a tad too difficult for her. Plus I was never good in art & crafts, so can’t help much too.


JOOheng came along for a while and was pretty impressed by the girls’ work. He even commented that the colours used were bright and well mixed. The size of the drawings were good too, cos from afar, probably the smaller pictures would not be seen on photo.

A rare chance to work with the master *proud daddy smiling as he writes this portion*



Revealing the final product by the J Babies *drum rolls*

A sun and a fish by little Jayne.


A gigantic jelly fish by big sister Joey.




Stay tuned for Part 2 of the girls’ fun day at Sentosa Flowers.

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