Monday, February 11, 2013

iPhone5 Designed Casing by LemmePrint


Smartphone cases are really part of every day accessories people change according to fashion and moods. Even for a plain guy like me, ever since I shift from ‘berry’ to ‘apple’, I have in total 4 phone cases and counting. Especially when we can get cheap and funky ones all around the island.

Let me intro you to my latest ultra cool iPhone5 cover by LemmePrint.

DSC_6221 DSC_6222

If you want to have an unique casing for either your iPhone or Samsung, look no further. Just send in your clan logo, favourite band/cartoon, or like mine, your children’s magical moment, and you have a customized casing no one else will have. And it comes at an affordable price too. Just check out the services at LemmePrint Facebook, Instagram or Website.

Are you good in arts, creativity, has a load of original ideas, then LemmePrint wants you as their designers! Just click on the photo below to find out more from the wonderful people.


For all my readers, if you want to just own a cool customized smartphone casing, here is your chance to do so.

Just leave a message on either my blog or Facebook and tell me why you would love to have an unique casing from others. Winners will be announced by Feb 18.


  1. I want one so that I can look at photos of my happy family even without turning on my mobile! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I want a handphone that looks unique and different from all my friends'.. :)


  3. I'm in need of a new mobile phone cover and this fits my need perfectly! It'll also be a good conversation piece during lunches with colleagues or family gatherings! :)

  4. I will like to win one for my mum, allowing her to be one cool funky mum. She will definitely be over the moon.