Friday, April 15, 2011

The Polliwogs

This playground is situated along East Coast Park.

This is a fun place for the kids but it’s like a training camp for the parents. Especially for a tall parent like me. I have to bend my back all the time just to run after Jayne. I think I need a massage.

Besides the playground, there is also a cafe and a chill area for parents.

Coffee & Tea is complimentary and free-flow.

Joey & Jayne had a super fun time!

1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02
Nearest carpark is C3

Opening hours:
Weekdays - 10am to 7pm
Weekends - 10am to 8pm (including public holiday)

Entrance fees:
Children above 2 years, S$16 for unlimited play
Children under 2 years, S$8 for unlimited play

Children above 2 years, S$18 for first 90mins and S$8 for each additional half hour
Children under 2 years, S$6 for first 90mins and S$3 for each additional half hour

Additional charges for outdoor play is S$2 for weekdays and S$4 for weekends. Entrance is subjected to weather conditions.


  1. This is Jay's absolute FAVE playground! Haha...

  2. it is a good place to leave them there for the whole day =) parents can go cycle if you have a maid to take care of the kids..