Monday, April 11, 2011

1..2..3..4..Hi 5!!

1 year old

Joey 3

2 years old


3 years old


4 years old


5 years old

Joey turns 5 this year. If you are a father like me, you will definitely understand that time flies! Every time I look at Joey and recalls the moment I first carried her in my arms when she was born, I can’t help but feel very very blessed. Albeit she can be quite naughty at times, I will always remember that she is my flesh and blood.

She makes my life interesting, she makes me a better man.

We did a simple family style celebration for her last Friday. Invited the cg members and their kids to join us. The theme is Pink!

Even the guests came in pink, almost everyone..

The kids’ favourite, ice cream with their own choice of toppings..

Even Jayne can choose too.

This is the first time we bought cup cakes, it’s easier for the kids to eat, everyone gets one.

A successful birthday party is when you have so many kids having fun with the birthday girl. And Joey is blessed to have all the cg kids celebrating with her this year.

Kuan family photo.

Happy Birthday Joey, papa loves you!!!


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