Monday, April 25, 2011

Mind Over Body

How many hours do you sleep? How do you manage your time? How do you cope with 2 girls? These are just some of the many questions a father or any parent would face sooner or later.

Those without kids will wonder, how difficult is it to have kids and take care of them. I think no parent step into parenthood with a 100% understanding of what we are stepping into. But that still did not deter us from fulfilling one of the greatest responsibility a man can have. Responsible for another human being.

There were times I wish to sleep longer. There were times I wish to have some quiet time alone. There were times I wish to spend on myself more. But all these moments were taken by CHILDREN.

Do I regret? NO!

Is it tough? YES!

If we have made the decision to have children, then Mind Over Body is essential. We need to put aside self to take care of our kids. In fact, this generation’s parents have it much easier, many of us have domestic maids to help out in taking care of the kids and the household. In our parents’ time, they did everything on their own. And we grew up fine just the same. Or maybe even better. We grew up to be more independent, we were more resistant to stress and pressure.

I want to sleep, but how can I resist such an adorable face?


I want to rest after work, but how can I resist such an earnest plea?

I want to buy for myself, but how can I resist not buying for her?


Fathers are only fathers if we sacrifice for our children. Don’t ask how or why we do things for our children. The reason is we love our kids!

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