Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dempsey Walk

Thanks to Dadsforlife, I got to know about this Art Gallery at Dempsey Road. Brought the girls for a short walk last weekend. Also taking the opportunity for Joey to see more greens, which is good to prevent myopia.


Walking along Dempsey gives people a feeling that we are on a holiday. Maybe because we went in the day time, there were a lot of families like us, walking around, finding places to eat or just enjoying the environment.

The girls loves colours and definitely one that will turn..



I like this photo, cos I like to hold both my girls’ hands. Gives me a feeling I am needed =)

John Erdos Art Gallery

We were there for this. Lego Art. Pretty cool stuff.

Lego motorbike

Lego portraits

Lego fire hydrant


Lego chess

Amazing how a small piece of lego, combined with others can become such a wonderful piece of treasure. Speaks quite alike for people too..

If you are at Dempsey, there is no skipping of Ben & Jerry ice-cream. Not for Joey and Jayne, maybe Kless too..

First time I tried the food there. They have quite a good Aglio Olio & Pizza.

Successful trip. Both the girls had a chance to get some outdoor fun. I enjoyed the precious family moments.

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