Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orchid Bowl @ Safra Yishun Club

Last Friday our cg went out for bowling at Safra Yishun Club. It was a long time since the group of us went outdoor for some activity. So all of us were very excited.


Due to the number of kids in our group (12 of them) the best place has to be an aircon venue with ample space for them to run around without the parents being too worried they will be lost.

Claire and Chernise posing while waiting for the rest to come.


Jayen is so adorable, she tries to choose a ball for me, obviously it has to be her favourite colour.

The bowlers getting ready for our games.

The young ones helping out. But my guess is they are attracted by the colourfulness instead =)



Here is my girl giving her Papa some support.

Have you seen a child’s bowling ball before? For all these years of bowling, I have never seen or even know that there was such a bowling ball for the kids. Only 4 pounds. But 5 holes!!! Amazing!!


As the games goes on, the off-court activities seems to garner more attention. The kids were having a blast time! So happy to see them enjoying the night.

Jayne, Sherri, Natalyn, Christabelle


Little Jayden who just turned 1 a few weeks ago. He is surely growing up to be a fine man =)

The 2 girls are just 1 month apart. Jayne and Chernise. They were the best of friends that night. Going around the entire bowling centre, checking out the place, eating, playing, running, etc..

Those not running after the kids were the envy of us with kids. They can sit down and enjoy their bowl of noodles. Blessings!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful night of fellowship! We have to plan such gathering more often =)

For more information on the bowling rates.

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