Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

This has to be the best dim sum place I have tasted in Singapore. Recommended by 2 good friends during one of our late working night. I was amazed by the numerous patrons even at 11pm. Truly a Singaporean culture!

Compared to other dim sum places, the menu selection is very good. You will have at least 40-50 dim sum to choose from. On top of that, they serve la mian, noodle, soup, porridge, rice & dessert. Really a place to enjoy almost everything you want to. Writing this blog is making me so hungry and definitely a trip to Swee Choon again in the coming week =)

When I was there the last time with Kless, we ordered about 10 of their signature dishes. Feast with your eyes!!

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – ok for this I think Din Tai Fung is better, but Swee Choon can claim 2nd. The skin of the xiao long bao is just nice, not too thick and hard.

Fried Golden Doufu – top class! No where else can you find such a delicacy.

Plain Noodle La Mian with Fried Pork Cutlet – coming from a guy who doesn’t like pork, this pork cutlet is the best I have ever tried. Coupled with the plain la mian (added chilli), the combination is superb. This dish also serves as a stomach filler since the dim sum are smaller in portion.

Red Bean Paste Pancake – Kless named this as her top 3 favourite. The exterior is crispy and the red bean paste is not too sweet. I think one reason why it’s good is the red bean aroma after eating it. Definitely one of the dishes I would recommend.

Sichuan Oil Chilli Wanton – 3.5 out of 5 marks because of the sauce. Vinegar + Chilli, always a hit.

Chee Cheong Fun – this may be one of those dim sum that will hardly go wrong. However, we enjoyed it because of the smoothness of it. For us, we like to eat it plain with just soy sauce and sesame seed.

Chicken Claw – the NUMBER ONE choice!! I know a lot of people don’t even dare to eat chicken claws. But this is heavenly! prepared till it’s soft but not soggy. The only addition I can think of is maybe chilli, but itself like this is already enough for us.

Beancurd Prawn Roll – the most value for money. Why? Because the entire prawn roll is filled with only prawns! Big and juicy prawns!

Mee-Suan Kueh – one of their speciality. Fried mee suan on top of something like carrot cake. Not what I would like cos the taste is a bit bland. But it is suppose to be one of the best selling dish.

185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
(opp McDonalds, parking available along Syed Alwi Rd or Desker Rd)

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat (6pm – 10am)
Sun & PH (6pm – 12noon)
Closed on Tue nights

Payment mode: Cash or Nets

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