Monday, May 23, 2011

USS–Madagascar, A Crate Adventure

Thanks to @edunloaded, we got invited to the opening ride of the Madagascar Ride.

This is our 2nd visit to Universal Studio Singapore (USS). But still there is a feeling of excitement and happiness to be there. I guess that is magic of such places to everyone.

This is our media passes. Even Jayne has one. I have to say with these passes, I did feel like some VIP. We do not need to queue up for entrance, we had a group of USS staff leading us along the way. Pretty cool =)

This is the first time I attended an event with Ps Jeremy and his 2 boys. The boys are so well-behaved with their daddy. Salute to dads!

Jayne enjoyed herself especially with 2 older gor-gors who can play with her.

Welcome to Madagascar!

We were a bit apprehensive at first, especially when we were told that the minimum height for kids to take the ride is 80cm. I really thought that Jayne will not pass the mark and we will have to stay outside. But much to our amazement, she is taller than 80cm. Woohoo!!

I passed! I passed!

I won’t spoil the fun for you, so just a few photos to show you what you can expect.

Finally a ride that Jayne enjoys.

Among the bloggers / media invited for this opening ride is the famous Mr Brown. I have heard his podcast and read his blogs for years, but this is the first time I was able to put a face to the famous voice. He is really a cool dude. Hear him shared his tips on photography was really fun. Very knowledgeable guy.

Next up – King Julien’s Beach Party-go-round. This has to be the least exciting ride for kids. But the music is so captivating, plenty of adults with kids just don’t mind queuing up for a ride.

After lunch, the official Madagascar event is over. Since we are already in USS, why waste the chance to just walk around and catch some of the mascots.

Kless and Jayne with Betty Boops. Jayne waited patiently in line just to have a chance to take a photo with “ mei mei auntie”. So cute..

I doubt I can be a jester but can’t resist putting on these party hats.

Papa, where are you?

Opps, caught by my daughter. I was engrossed by the 3 pretty ladies singing and dancing to rock & roll tunes. Nice!


Though the weather was quite hot, but I think the best part is to see Jayne enjoying herself.


Bye bye USS, will we meet again a 3rd time?


  1. I had a dream this week that I went to USS–Madagascar! All I remember is seeing USS–Madagascar, and I woke up thinking, "Awesome! I've been to USS now!" funny......Thanks for sharing....Nice photo:-)

  2. hahaa...dreams are good...make it a reality! =)