Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Camera, Then Fork

It used to be when the food is served, we will just eat.

Now, when the food is served, we will take photos before we eat.

Food photography has become a sports, picking fast among not only the young but the old as well. Some just for the purpose of showing others what they ate, some for the purpose of sharing good food, some like me just like to take photos and food photography is quite a challenging task.

Most of the time we have our food indoors, in places like a dimly lighted restaurant or at home. We do not have the help of natural light as compared to sceneries. That makes the whole process more challenging and frustrating at the same time. It’s not easy to get what you wish to portray.

I attended a basic food photography session with Dr Leslie Tay @ ieatishootipost. It was an eye-opener! He showed us some simple ways to take better food photos, how to shoot with the best lightings present, how to be creative and do some adjustments on the food before shooting. It’s not just what you see is what you shoot. Sometimes by lifting a single prawn off the bowl and let it rest on the spoon may create a better focal point for your viewers.

Talk is easy, it takes a lot of practice and, a relatively good equipment will help too.

Blueberry pancakes with sausages and honey syrup. I am trying to show the blueberry that seems to be sitting in a pothole just waiting to be dug out. I could have chosen a nearer subject and probably shoot a bit more from the top.


Beef steak with mushroom sauce and whipped potato. The potato is just white and plain, together with the vegetables, I have chosen it to be the background to the main item, beef and mushroom. Again I could have shifted my focus a bit more towards the right (applying 1/3 rule here). The mushrooms are layered nicely to provide some 3D effects so that the photo will not be too flat.


A simple plate of wedges. It’s just potato and chilli. Once again, I made use of the chilli as a nice break from the plate (which is too white or glaring). What I wanted to show in this photo is the oily surface on the potato, that is going to be the most captivating part of the dish for someone like you or me to put aside diet plans and indulged one more time.


Try it next time, don’t just take any food photo without a focus. At least you can learn how to appreciate your food.

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  1. Nice photos are those which makes u hungry haha.
    And parent/food bloggers always face their hungry-kids' wrath as we adjust that spinach or french fries 2 more cm wahaha !