Friday, March 16, 2012

What Can Art Tell Us About Kids?

Looking at this art work done by Joey, can you see that she is a systematic girl?


That was what the art teacher commented after 70mins of observation. I was standing outside Joey’s class and realised that in a class of 6 children, she was the last to get her work done. Not that she is a slow worker, but she puts in a lot of attention on the little details, making sure that everything is prim and proper, everything is done according to what she has planned. Very much like me.

What about Jayne’s work?


Ok, the fish was drawn by the teacher and the surrounding colours were added in by Kless, but Jayne did the fish colouring, and also some of the background colours too.

Jayne is really a more independent girl compared to Joey. We brought Joey to this same art studio when she was 3 years old, back then Joey refused to stay in the class and cried all the way. But Jayne at the same age now, sat quietly in the class with another child (Kless only went in after 40mins or so).

I realised that Jayne likes very colourful things. She is also ok when things are not so perfect, like the fact that her art work is torn at some places, she is fine with it. If it was Joey, she would probably had threw away the paper and re-do the entire work.

I am beginning to appreciate such art classes for the girls, how not to when you have such a cutie in the class.


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