Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joey, Jayne, Kless, Me

Who determines the sex of our children? (ok, official correct answer is GOD)

Father provides X or Y swimmers (chromosome), Mother always provides X pool (chromosome). When X meets X, you get a GIRL, when Y meets X, you get a BOY.

So Daddy makes the call? No!

Daddy will submit equal number of X & Y swimmers in the race, but it’s the condition of Mummy’s pool (reproductive system) that eventually determines X or Y wins the race. If the pool is too acidic and toxic, Y racer will be eliminated or slowed down.

Feel any smarter after reading the above paragraphs? I doubt so…

So this is a question we have been asking ourselves all the time.
Who resembles who more? The general consensus were Joey looks more like me and Jayne looks more like Kless.


But what about character? Who is as stubborn as Daddy? Who is equally sensitive as Mummy?

Joey is the typical elder child, giving in occasionally when the younger sister demands wants something from her. However, she is the more “小气”of the 2 sisters (inherited from Daddy). Even when Jayne has apologized for her mistakes, Joey will take a longer time to forget and forgive.

Both girls are pretty strong in their languages (English & Mandarin), I think that is a given since both are females or I should say they definitely inherited this from Mummy. Joey has shown some good understanding in Maths, at least I’m able to coach her something academically in future.


Jayne, just like how her name is pronounced (“jane”, not “jay-nee”), she is the more garang of the two. She dares to try new things, food, games, etc.. This probably resembles me more than Kless. But there is one thing I think Jayne really took after Kless (when she was younger, in her teens), and that is her 自尊心 or how she feels about how others look at her. When someone speaks bad about Jayne, she will go into hiding (face the wall, hide her face in my chest) and refuse to speak or look at others until she has decided that the embarrassment moment is over.


Both girls are equally active and out-going (from Daddy). Both are equally creative and artistic (from Mummy). Looking back at how we chose their names, 以旋 & 以心, we wanted Joey to be creative and culturally motivated. We hoped that Jayne will be a girl that will be winsome and people-loving.

Joey has shown signs of being creative like writing and composing her own stories. And she loves to sing. Jayne really wins over everyone’s heart when she smiles and she is definitely a sweet-talker.

What else can I say? I think both Kless and I are proud parents of 2 wonderful girls, they are truly the best gifts from heaven.

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