Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tampines 1 - A New Mall With Kids’ Playground

What excites the parents? Just to name a few: sales for kids’ clothing (we no longer shop for ourselves if you have not noticed), restaurants that are kid-friendly (we hardly have a quiet meal nowadays) and NEW PLAYGROUNDS…


This is the new play area @ Tampines 1 Shopping Mall. It will be open to the public on Mar 10 (Sat).


We were blessed to be invited to try out the new playground before the opening for public. Naturally the girls were totally excited about the idea. Cannot remember when the girls overcame their fear of these flurry mascots.


A nice 007 pose.


One minute she is the girl with a gun, the other minute she is the girl with a flower (gun still in hand).


According to the organizers, the difference of this playground from the other playgrounds is the Edu-theme concept they are trying to showcase. So you can see these interactive educational boards around the place.


But seriously, the most important element to any kids in a playground is FUN. So regardless of the size of the playground, or the edu-value of the slides, as long as there is a dry area and water area, that is all that matters.


Caught a few cheeky shots of Wen Yi (Sengkangbabies).


Joey’s first stop was the cooling water from the Polar Bear segment. From her expression, you can really feel the cold from the waters.


Jayne was happy playing alone and kicking the waters.


Check out this cutie running around in his Tigger costume.


Jayne met a new friend, Jayden (Daddy Nivlek).


It was a family day for many of us. It’s amazing to see so many parents all happy to be under the sun just to let our children have a few hours of fun.


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