Monday, September 30, 2013

Fright Nites @ Sentosa 4D AdventureLand


For the records, I am not a ‘horror’ fan. My most disliked movies and shows are those with scary vampires and horror sound tracks. So when my wife passed over this event opportunity with Sentosa 4D AdventureLand, I was not sure why I agreed to attend. I am quite sure I was not thinking for that moment.

Here I am, still alive writing this post to tell you my experience with horror and how much I enjoyed it!

As the name of the event suggested, it was a haunted trial of unexpected terror. Journeying through a night of mind blowing 4D experiences, where vengeful spirits, diabolic demons and cannibalistic zombies await.

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand presents “Fright Nites”: Escape or be imprisoned forever in “Trapped” – a trial of unexpected terror.

4d halloween A4 copy

This harrowing trial of terror, “Trapped” is the second year collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic students from the School of Architecture & Built Environment, who have transformed the interactive entertainment zone into a trial together with Sentosa 4D AdventureLand’s additional 4-D horror rides, presenting visitors with a different experience.

IMG_0224 IMG_0226

In addition, a unique technology has been introduced to enhance the Halloween experience. This is with another group of Singapore Polytechnic students from the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, who were responsible for the creation of the interactive, augmented reality experience.


“Trapped” is about a once angelic coryphee who perished under the death curse by a jealous ballerina who now lurks in the depths of a haunted trail, preying on innocent souls. Dead ballerinas and evil priests also join the vengeful spirit in her reaping, roaming the premises in search for souls to seize forever.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215

Fear will be taken to even greater heights when a charming property agent who lures you to view a seemingly beautiful Victorian house up for sale, morphs into grotesque monster in an attempt to trap your soul. Discover a mansion plagued by living corpses, flesh-eating zombies and demons from the underworld in the nail-biting thriller 4-D ride, ‘Panic House’.

Panic House Poster__FRIGHT NITES_ Sentosa 4D AdventureLand#A5D1

As you persist to fend for your soul and body, keep an eye out for virus-infected factory employees who will be out for fresh blood. Slay as many of the hungry undead without mercy in the interactive game of gore, ‘The Grip of The Undead’, before its too late.

The Grip of The Undead Poster__FRIGHT NITES_Sentosa 4D AdventureLand#48FB

Fright Nites
Opening Hours: 7pm – 11pm (every Friday & Saturday and the last Sunday of October)
One-Day Adventure Pass (unlimited entries on day of visit): Adult ($38.90), Child ($26.90, 3 to 12 years old)
For more information, please visit the website at

Check out some of the ‘horror’ you may find.

IMG_0201 IMG_0204

IMG_0244 IMG_0239

Proceed with caution…


IMG_0252 IMG_0254

IMG_0258 IMG_0249

Be trapped to experience for yourself.



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  2. woah, looks scary... I would also pass on it if invited. Hahaha...

    1. Bro, the funny thing is, I am absolutely terrified with those rooler-coaster rides but when it comes to scary things like this, I am totally fine and actually quite enjoy it... =)