Monday, September 16, 2013

Review - Baan Khun Nai Thai Restaurant

Food Review

Are you a Thai Food lover? Have you heard of Baan Khun Nai Authentic Thai Cuisine?
The owner explained in simple translation, Baan Khun Nai means “the goodness of a lady’s house”. Hence, you can be sure to expect simple yet homely authentic Thai food.


The restaurant’s menu showcases some of the most traditional and popular Thai dishes and the best part is most of the dishes comes at a price tag of only $10, this is probably the best value-for-money Thai food in Singapore.

Check out what we had for dinner.

Mango Salad (Green Mango with onions, cherry, tomatoes, peanut and dried shrimps) - $7.00
Slightly spicy cos of the chilli padi, but always one of my favourite because I like mango and anything sour.


Tom Yum Soup (Thai spicy and sour soup with choice of chicken, pork, prawn or seafood) - $8.00
A great appetizer dish, even in a small bowl like this, the ingredients are pretty generous, super value for money.


Non Spicy Grilled Pork (Grilled pork sliced served with special Thai sauce) - $11.00
My top choice of the night! Dry on the outside, but tender on the inside. Taste good on it’s own and also when dipped in the special sauce provided. The Chef told us that the sauce was made with authentic spices delivered from Thailand via a 20+ hours’ drive from the north to Singapore. Amazing!


Dry Curry Pork (Pork stir fried with coconut curry gravy) - $8.00
On first sight, we were debating is this dish fish or pork. The curry was nice and slightly on the sweet, but it was not too strong to cover the taste of the pork. In fact, the coconut gravy helped to bring forth that unique taste of the meat.


Green Curry Chicken (Chicken meat with eggplant simmered in coconut curry gravy) - $8.00
Again, do not expect this curry to be spicy, on the contrary it is sweet. Probably a good dish to let the kids learn how to appreciate curry. The gravy is quite thick and very suitable for pairing with rice.


Glass Noodle Salad  (Chicken, prawns, cuttlefish and dried shrimps in chilli lime dressing) - $8.00
Another salad that is quite popular with Thai food lovers. Nicely done once again with very generous portion of ingredients for the price to pay.


Thai Style Steamed Seabass (Steamed seabass with spicy lime sauce) -$29.00
Ok, for those who know me, I don’t eat fish. So I can’t comment much on this dish, all I can say is, nothing was left on the plate from the rest.


Olive Fried Rice (Stir fried rice with minced pork and olive) - $8.00
I like the rice. Olive scent and taste lingers in the mouth slightly after eating. Mixes well with either the red or green curry. I would prefer this to just plain steam rice.


Claypot Tung Hoon Prawn (Prawns steamed with vermicelli and Thai sauce) - $16.00
One of the shop’s recommendation. The Tung Hoon is very nice, considering it came last after all the other dishes and we still managed to finish it. Usually this dish is done with crabs, but for easier consumption, the Chef chose prawns instead. I would prefer crabs to prawns personally.


Mango Sticky Rice - $6.00
Needless to say, no Thai meal is complete without the Mango Sticky Rice.


Enough photos to tempt you? Don’t just believe what I am telling you, go and try it out.


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