Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simply Switzerland @ Changi Airport T3

Win a Swiss Alps cow at Changi Airport Plus a holiday for four to visit the cow in Switzerland!

From 7 to 29 September, visit the Changi Airport Terminal 3 and enjoy an authentic ‘Simply Switzerland’ experience, set against the backdrop of the Matterhorn, one of the tallest peaks nestled in the famed Swiss Alps.


Visitors can immerse themselves in an interactive exhibition that showcases Swiss delicacies, customs and traditions.





Some of the familiar scenes we see on TV can become reality.





Jayne insisted on posing with some of the Swiss props.

DSC_3221 DSC_3222 DSC_3223 DSC_3224

Trachten are traditional costumes and are different in all cantons (regions) of Switzerland. Usually each canton has one weekday tracht and another for festive events. Some of the trachten date back to the 15th century.


Switzerland’s wealth lies in its cultural heritage and its wonderfully varied natural landscapes. From this wealth of treasures, UNESCO has acknowledged 11 World Heritage Sites and the Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch, Glaciers, rock formations, castles, old towns, libraries and convents add on to the top attractions in Switzerland.


The best way to discover Switzerland free and easy is via rail, bus and boat. The Swiss Travel System is state-of-the-art, punctual by the minute and reliable as the Swiss. With one ticket (i.e. the Swiss Pass), tourists can use the public transport system and have free access to more than 400 museums.


Matterhorn has always been the main tourist attraction of Zermatt. The pyramid shaped colossus of Matterhorn, which is very difficult to climb, is one of the world’s most distinctive mountains and said to be the most-photographed mountain in the world. Tourists can hike their way to the summit or use cable car from Zermatt that will take you to the Matterhorn while offering delightful scenery in the journey. Zermatt is one of the most charming villages in the Alps with all the wooden chalet houses and the red flower pots on the balconies.


For kids, there is a winter playground with slides of up to two storeys high and a ski carousel, open from noon to 10pm everyday (from 6 to 15 September), and on 21, 22, 28 and 29 September.
(to participate, visitors simply have to present a single same-day receipt with a minimum spend of S$40 to redeem an activity pass for one.)





Now this is the highlight of the event! A chance to win a 6D5N holiday for a family of four to Switzerland! On top of the holiday, the winner stand to own a cow named “Vivienne” for six months! The whole family will get to savour and bring home up to 30kg of fresh Swiss cheese made from the milk produced by Vivienne, a perk of owning a cow. On the trip, the family will also experience the lifestyle of the Swiss alpine herdsmen living in the beautiful Bernese Oberland region near Interlaken.


How to win?
’Cow Stacking’ challenge.
The cow stacking challenge is open from noon to 10pm every Saturday and Sunday (from 7 to 22 September).  The participant who stacks the most number of cows in each of the six qualifying rounds will qualify for the final showdown on 28 September to compete for the grand prize.
(to register for the qualifying rounds, visitors simply have to present a single same-day receipt from any retail or dining outlet at Changi Airport, with no minimum spend required.)

DSC_3136 DSC_3138 DSC_3148 DSC_3145


My personal record is 13 cows! See if you can beat me.

IMG_9809 IMG_9813

Special thanks to Changi Airport for hosting us. We may not be able to travel to Switzerland yet, but surely Jayne is already dreaming about it.

DSC_3217 DSC_3218

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