Tuesday, September 24, 2013


One month is not a long time, neither is it too short for memories to be formed and respect to be built.

The past one month was not an easy period for our church, in particular to the leaders who were in the lime light. But a few things jolted my mind when we stood together in rain or shine to ensure the operation was smooth. To make things as comfortable as possible for them because that is the least we can do besides praying.

Unless you have been summoned to attend court before, we will never be able to understand what or how the five of them will feel. Still only those who were there at the court, will testify that their faith and hope were not dashed. I was there, I have heard, I have seen. So don’t judge me for what I have experience personally.

One thing that truly humbled me in this period was the attitude of the people who came and helped in whatever ways they can. Not all of them are staff of CHC, in fact they are just volunteers who love their leaders and were willing to sacrifice their time, money, energy to be available. I kept asking myself what is the reason for them doing so day after day, without any promise of rewards or recognition. Again, I can only say it was for LOVE.

“When you embrace a leader, you embrace not only his spirituality but also his humanity. It is in a package.”
Dr A.R. Bernard

I will lift up both my hands and legs to say I am not a perfect leader. I have tons of weaknesses but thankfully some of my friends are willing to overlook all these and consider me as just a normal human. If we want others to honor/treat/respect us in a certain way, then we should be willing to honor/treat/respect others the same too.

During this trial, there was this group of core members who came everyday to ensure everything is okay. From the arrival to the departure of the five, we were there rain or shine. As early as 6am till late when everyone has already left, some of us still stayed behind to prepare for the following day’s needs. Dedication is contagious!

We are not the A-Team, but we do not need to be. We are just imperfect people working together with a common vision and passion. We are not dumb followers, but faithful and simple believer of one thing, God is faithful and He is the beginning & ending of our faith.

Love all of you for who you are. I look forward to the next tranche of ‘hard work’. I know we will be one step closer to our deliverance then.

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