Saturday, January 25, 2014

N.E.mation! 8 - Vote & Win

Running for the eighth year, N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus for youths to creatively express their thoughts on Total Defence. The top ten teams have produced exciting one-minute animation clips based on this year’s theme.


Based on the theme “Because You Played A Part”, 10 teams of students worked through the holidays to bring their stories to life.

Simply visit and watch all the 10 clips. Vote for your favourite clips and stand to win attractive prizes like iPad Air, Canon IXUS camera, iPad Mini, Canon Selphy Printers, Nintendo 3DS XL, USS passes, and many more!

Here are the four easy methods to vote:

4 Ways to Vote

1. Visit from your PC, view all 10 clips and vote for your 3 favourite clips.
2. Visit to vote on your smartphone, alternatively you can scan the QR code above to reach the same destination.
3. Visit N.E.mation! Facebook page on
4. Vote via SMS in the following format:
NE8<space>WEB<space>[1st choice],[2nd choice],[3rd choice]<space>NRIC<space>Full Name to 76677
Example: NE8 WEB C01,C02,C03 S1234567A Ben Tan Wei Chen

Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS Voting. Standard SMS rate applies.
Please note that each vote must be for three different N.E.mation! 8 clips.
Each person is only allowed to vote once on each of the voting platform.

Voting is from 18 Jan to 15 Feb 2014. Don’t miss it out!

A brief introduction to the 10 teams.

C01: Alpacalypse (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School)
Clip Title: Greater Heights
Synopsis: An inspiring clip showing Singaporeans doing their bit and bringing Singapore “To Greater Heights”.

C02: Dairy Products (School of Arts)
Clip Title: Reframe, Don’t Refrain
Synopsis: Whether fighting dengue or tackling any other challenge, it helps when we step out of our comfort zone.

C03: Delta-gaytors (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School)
Clip Title: Prison “Break”
Synopsis: A businessman who was imprisoned for bribery picks himself up and eventually ends up helping others.

C04: Hashtag (School of Science and Technology)
Clip Title: Every Man’s Journey
Synopsis: Follow the journey of a National Serviceman and see how people in his life play a part in helping him contribute to Total Defence.

C05: Momento Mori (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School)
Clip Title: Keeping Watch
Synopsis: Like different parts of a watch, Singaporeans are all important, no matter how small a part they may seem to play.

C06: Partta Kappa(School of Arts)
Clip Title: It Takes More …
Synopsis: Through the use of silhouettes, find out how it takes everyone to build the nation we have today.

C07: Synch (Kent Ridge Secondary School)
Clip Title: Because “I” Play A Part
Synopsis: Typography shows the role that “I” plays in overcoming challenges.

C08: The 4 of Us II (Tanglin Secondary School)
Clip Title: Unsung Heroes
Synopsis: True life accounts of three Singaporeans who played a part in contributing to Total Defence.

C09: UnicornsAndRainbows (Orchid Park Secondary School)
Clip Title: Enlightenment
Synopsis: What are the things we can do to help make our society stronger? Watch this clip and be enlightened.

C10: WAYNE STARK CO. (Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary))
Clip Title: Quilted Together
Synopsis: Quilt patches are used to show how Singapore’s social fabric becomes stronger as more people play their part.

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