Friday, January 10, 2014

Phnom Penh - Street 240

This is a unique street in Phnom Penh, if I were to make a comparison, it would be like the Haji Lane in Singapore. The street is lined with restaurants with Western, French, Organic food, Bakery and Cambodian cuisine. In between the restaurants, you will find some interesting bookstores for rental or purchase, boutiques with souvenirs and clothing.

Our first visit there was for breakfast when we arrived in Phnom Penh. At this very nice The Shop Bakery & Bistro. Opening hours are Mon-Sat (6.30am-7pm) & Sun (6.30am-3pm).



They have 2 segments in their interior seating, one of which is further inside with a bigger space and more natural light shining in. Very suitable for families with kids.

DSC_6681 DSC_6689

Look at some of our orders. Total bill was US$24 for 3 adults and 2 kids. Cheap and nice.


DSC_6691 DSC_6692


Green Tea Latte for Kless. Cafe Latte for me.

DSC_6695 DSC_6697

Just besides the Bistro, you find a very interesting bookstore. Initially we thought it was a book sales store, but after found out that it was more like a 2nd hand bookstore rental shop.


We had a hard time pulling the girls out of the shop, but who can blame them, I would love to stay longer too. The book collections are quite amazing.



Looking for some nice female clothing or children’s apparels? This would be a good bet, the shoes for kids are especially nice, but would cost you about US$20-30 per pair.


Or batik letterings? A proof that Joey & Jayne set foot in Phnom Penh before.


Such mobile coconut sellers are common in Phnom Penh. Just buy one and stand by the road to enjoy a cool coconut drink before you move off to check out other shops. My type of holiday.


Found another bookstore with a great phrase hung on top of the shop.
”The World is a Book People who don’t Travel only get to Read One Page.”


Inside the bookstore is also a small cafe where customers can choose to relax with a book and a cup of coffee.

DSC_6725 DSC_6727

Last but not least, my final recommendation for Street 240 is this Freebird Bar & Grill. Of course, there are more to this street, find it out for yourself if you have the chance to visit.



DSC_6999 DSC_7000

We were there on Christmas Day, the mood was still very joyous.

DSC_7003 DSC_7010

Same as the food that we ordered. It’s very nice and cheap, considered we ordered a plate of Buffalo Wings, 2 sets of Shirlon Steaks, a set of Stirred Fried Prawn Salad, kid’s portion of Fish & Chips, 2 glasses of Red Wine, 1 Cocktail, 2 glasses of Juice, all for only US$55.


DSC_7015 DSC_7017

The service was excellent! Because it was Christmas, the staff brought out a huge basket of popcorn for us. So happy!


After dinner, we went back to our hotel with a full stomach and a happy heart for this opportunity to have a family holiday. At least that was how I felt.

DSC_7030 DSC_7036

Enjoying the night scene of Phnom Penh.

DSC_7041 DSC_7044

My night was complete with this photo.


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