Monday, August 25, 2014

Taiwan Trip 4D3N (Part 1)

This is my second trip to Taiwan, and both times are with Kless only. So Taiwan is like our overseas ‘paktor’ trip. Since we spent about a week in Taipei alone, this time round we thought of visiting TaiChung for a change, especially when so many friends have been saying how nice are the food and shopping at FengJia Night Market.

Chose a hotel that is just right in the night market vicinity, and after we left our bags, we can walk down and start enjoying the vast variety of food and snacks, not forgetting the famous ‘pearl milk tea’ in Taiwan.



Even the grannies will come out in their wheelchairs for the food in FengJia, that shows you something right.


FengJia Night Market (Chinese: 逢甲夜市), also known to some as FengJia Shopping Town, is one of the biggest night market in Taiwan, and with it so near to the Feng Chia College, you can be sure the fashion and food are quite up-to-date and nice.

_MG_2517 _MG_2482

Our first taste of food in FengJia, Spicy Fried Beancurd and Chicken Breast. Yummy!

_MG_2474 _MG_2475

Just besides the chicken stall, we saw this stall that sells prawn, actually it was the signboard that captured our attention. It’s the best grilled live prawns I have eaten ever. The name 懒惰 means “lazy”, and the reason for such a name is because with this prawn, you do not need to de-shell to eat, just bite chew and swallow. Nice!

_MG_2476 _MG_2477

Can you count how many signboards this stall has? This is true Taiwanese spirit, never enough to be just offering one thing, always giving more than enough in service and offers.


So what can you expect from this huge night market?


This is probably one of the best (top 3) food I tried in TaiChung. Charcoal grilled fresh snail 螺. Super tasty! Sad to say, I don’t find it in Taipei night markets. Anyone know?

 _MG_2487 _MG_2488


“Or Lun” (Hokkien) or 黑轮 is a must try food in Taiwan, a bit like our Yong Tau Foo, but the soup is simply awesome. And the best part is, you can even find this in 7-11 stores! Can we bring this into Singapore? Our late night supper will go up another level.

_MG_2492  _MG_2499


Ever eaten a steak done this way, on the streets? As a beef lover, I can’t help but ordered 2 sets, you get to choose from various seasoning by the side, but my recommendation is to go with just some light salt. Enjoy the taste of perfectly flamed beef.


No one can claim they have tried Taiwan night market food without trying the famous Fried Chicken Breast Meat. And in FengJia Night Market, this is the stall you have to try, the queue is about 30 pax at all times, but I guess all good food is worth waiting for.


Grill Sotong. Don’t ignore the side streets, cos more good food are quite often found in such a street like this.



_MG_2514 _MG_2515

 _MG_2518 _MG_2520

A city that doesn’t sleep. Even after 12 midnight, the streets are still full of traffic and people walking around.


A quick breakfast before we set off to Taipei. Not particularly tasty but definitely a very local try instead of the usual cereals or bread.

_MG_2523 _MG_2525

Next post will show you more photos of what we ate and did in Taipei. Hope you like it so far.

Side-note thanks to Canon Singapore for all the photos.

In this trip to Taiwan, I was able to loan a Canon 6D from Canon Singapore and a big thank you to them, I was able to try out a full frame camera and experience the difference in using Canon as compared to my usual Nikon. I have to say that comparing Canon 6D to my Nikon D90 is like comparing a BMW to a Honda, different category but same functions basically. Personally, I was surprised how easy it was to switch over to Canon despite the different arrangement in the handling. After a few tries, I was quite familiar with where the main buttons are, how to set my aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. But what really intrigued me was the difference between a cropped frame camera and a full frame camera. Not sure how to put in words, but the view seems so different and the amount of things captured is so full as compared. Now, after trying the Canon 6D, I am quite sure I will change to a full frame camera in time to come. The experience is too good! Maybe Canon? Especially when most or almost all of my photographer friends are using Canon. We shall see. Once again, thanks to Canon Singapore for the opportunity to try out your camera. Hope that my photos from this trip pays compliment to your loan.


  1. So nice.. looking forward to read more updates and more pictures. You are making me miss Taiwan.

    1. Hahaha.. sorry! But everyone misses Taiwan after we have visited it once before! I'm already looking forward to going again next year with my kids.. =)

  2. Nice post.. your post flashback all the event that happened to me here.