Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taiwan Trip 4D3N (Part 2)

First up in Taipei, we went straight for the famous and in my personal opinion (a local Taiwanese said that there are stalls which is better) the best Mee Sua in Taiwan.


In case you do not know where is this stall, it’s inside Ximending 西門町.

_MG_2526  _MG_2527

Notable good food around the same place will be the 豪大大鸡排.


And you have to try this highly recommended 滷肉飯 (Braised Pork Rice).

_MG_2532 _MG_2636

For the first time in our trip trip to Taiwan, we finally tried the Railway Lunch Box 铁路便当, and it was indeed delicious as shown by my beautiful wife.

_MG_2536 _MG_2538


We travelled to Shi Da Night Market 师大夜市 for the first time, and I think I will come back again, cos the fashion and vibe are totally to our liking.








 _MG_2556 _MG_2566


I realized the locals really like 滷味 a lot. Almost every stall is fill with waiting customers.


And I found the best food in 师大. The super duper delicious 生煎包.

_MG_2570 _MG_2572

I was not hungry but still I was able to eat 5 buns. Trust me, no matter how full you are, don’t miss this!


Another personal recommendation is the 滷味面, this dish is simply heavenly. Add in a bit of spice to enhance the taste.


One thing appealing to us in 师大 was the sight of more young people, especially so from the nearby university. They really liven up the mood.



When we are tired of the street food (momentarily), try out the cafes in the vicinity too. A choice more for the tourists but still good.




_MG_2631 _MG_2633

They say a good latte art is when after you finished the drink, the art is still visible.


Another night market to recommend is Tong Hua Night Market 通化街夜市. Usually for first time visitors to Taipei, you may want to just visit either Shilin or Shida, but if you have time no harm travelling to Tong Hua for a look. Though it is relatively smaller compared to the Shilin and Shida, but it is by no means a walkover in terms of variety of food.






We tried the Grilled Flamed Beef again. Can’t stop eating. How I wish we have such delicacies in Singapore too.

_MG_2605 _MG_2606

Another type of grilled meat.


Shopping wise, so-so. Not very impressive but ok.


Finishing off our trip with some night shopping at Ximending. I will be back again for sure, Taiwan!


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