Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazing Woman

I am really blessed to have married my wife. Not only is she the companion who supports me in everything decisions I have made, but she is also an amazing mother and an incredible woman!

Many who have worked with Kless knows that she is a very responsible and diligent person. From her working attitude I can say there is a spirit of excellent one can learn about. As a mother, there is no one else I know (ok, I am biased) who takes care of the kids so well, patience in teaching them, feeding them and putting them to bed. I can’t ask more from her.

Best of all, she is the most wonderful wife on earth! Let me list down the things she does for me or allows me to do:

1. She allows me to play football every fortnightly.
2. She cooks for me almost every day.
3. She doesn’t nag at my mistakes or shortcomings.
4. She tolerates my mood swings and even encourage me to have ‘me-time’ to feel better.
5. She laughs at most of my jokes, even the lame ones.
6. She understands everything I need and knows what I want before I say it (close to 95%).
7. She is my personal image consultant, if she says I look good in something, it will be alright.
8. She lets me sleep late on our off days.
9. She bought a gym membership for me just so that I can workout daily.

She is my ANGEL.


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