Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY New Clothes

It’s the season of the year for new clothes & new shoes. I can’t remember when did it happen that I no longer fancy to buy new clothes or shoes for CNY, maybe because we buy new things all the time. But for the kids, it’s a time for them to feel special, to feel loved.

So last weekend, we brought the girls out for shopping. Joey is old enough to choose her own clothing. In fact she has to like the clothes to want to wear it.

Joey chose the dress herself.


My mother bought this pair of shoes for her too. Pink Crocs with Hello Kitty button.


For Jayne, red is the color for CNY. She really looks very cute in this dress =)


As long as the kids are happy, spending money is the easiest way.

Now, we are ready for the Rabbit year!!

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