Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crocs Attack

Do you have any idea who invented Crocs Shoes? Let me enlighten (humour) you…

Crocs was invented by a an entrepreneur George B. Boedecker Jr. from Quebec (you will know where Quebec is if you play Risk). The shoe was originally developed as a spa shoe. Now Crocs is a brand that has extended to cover not only shoes but also products such as sunglasses, goggles, knee pads, watches & luggage.

As much as I dislike Crocs, my girls love them. It all started when my younger brother bought home 2 pairs of Crocs for Joey. Jayne was not born yet. And since then, Joey just loves to wear these rubbery shoes.


If Joey likes it so much, you don’t need to be an expert to know that Jayne likes it too and as good parents, we will oblige and buy both of them another pair of Crocs.



The story doesn’t stops… Crocs attack III was launched when there was a Crocs sales going on in Suntec last week. This time, it was dual power!


I just wonder, will Kless and myself be attacked by Crocs?


  1. i doubt u will be attack la... crocs looks cute & nice on kids only lo... on adults, unless it is that ballerina part... otherwise it is horrondous on adults!!

  2. there are so many crocs for adults too...but you are maybe right la..i can't see myself in one of those rubber thing...maybe we can buy one for you on christmas.. nice =)

  3. i think it will be quite hilarious to see the whole family in crocs?? :p

  4. Tay family start first la.. be the trend-setter!