Friday, February 11, 2011

Are You Excited To See Your Child?

I witnessed something amazing some days ago. Saw a friend who was so excited to see her 5 years old child. I mean they stay together, they see each other daily. What is the excitement about? How can this friend be so excited to see her child?

This got me thinking.. Are we showing enough love to our children? Do they know that they are special and we love them very much?

Suddenly I realised that I cannot take for granted that my girls will stay young and will always want me to be with them. They will eventually grow up and make new friends, have their own life. I need to make the best of these years when I can really shower my best attention on them. I need to be excited to see my girls EVERYDAY!

So yesterday when we reached home, the girls were downstairs at the void deck waiting for us. I parked the car and practiced what I have learnt. I just spread my hands wide and Joey took the cue to ran over and gave me a tight hug. She was all sweaty from the play but it doesn’t matter. I was excited to hug her and carry her. She is no longer light but still ain’t too heavy for me to carry her all the way home. Cos she is my darling!

How can you not love and be excited to see such cute girls?



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