Tuesday, February 15, 2011

English vs Chinese

In our family, we speak Mandarin much more than English. We are very pro-government de..

So I thought Chinese will not be a problem for my girls when they start to attend school. My parents who stays with me speaks to both Joey and Jayne in Mandarin all the time. My in-laws are the same. Kless and myself will alternate between English and Mandarin when communicating or teaching our girls.

So I was very shocked to realise that Joey has difficulties in understanding Chinese lessons in K1.

The Chinese Challenge

According to her teacher, Joey is slightly slower in recognising Chinese words or sentences than in English. Chinese words I can understand, I was never too good in that too. But Chinese sentences, how can that be possible? Until Kless told me recently, she was teaching Joey numbers. When Kless asked Joey to write the numbers out and she instructed in English, there was no problem. Six will be 6. But if the  instructions is in Chinese 六, Joey has trouble interpreting that into 6. OMG!


The shock was double this morning! Jayne came to my room holding to an Elmo soft toy, she pointed at the nose, the eye, the mouth and gave me the perfect and correct description in English. I did a small test.
嘴巴? 眼睛? 鼻子?

She has no idea what am I talking about!!! What is happening?!?

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