Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Canon Photomarathon Singapore 2011


It’s my first photo event. Seriously speaking, I never thought I would be able to attend such an event. Photography has always been a hobby or an interest that is unreachable for me.Partly because of the cost and expenses following such an interest, partly because I don’t have friends around me who has the same passion.

With the introduction of digital photography, the cost of producing or developing photos were greatly reduced. I can shoot as much as I want and not worry about wasting films. The downside of it is the learning curve is not as steep as before. We tend to take more photos then decide which is better after it. And with all the editing tools available, making a photo looks nicer is so much simpler. So much so, we can never know how good or bad our photography skills are anymore.

With this Canon Photomarathon event, it was the ideal chance to check myself, how much have I learnt and which areas do I need to improve. What’s more? It’s only $10 for such an event, I get a free t-shirt and a free A4 printout as well.

So all the photos you see here & my photo blog are NOT edited. Please give me your most brutal comment. I want to know what can I do better. Of course if you think the photo is good, I don’t reject some encouragements too =)


There were over 2000 participants! OMG! Just look at the  people gathered at Suntec Hall 401 on a Saturday morning 9am.


A big clap to Canon who organised the event. Since it was already their 9th year doing it, I have to say I was pretty impressed. How come I have never heard about this event for the past 8 years? They even prepared massage chairs for us! Too bad it’s practically impossible to try it with the sheer number of participants this year.


I’m not a Canon user, but thanks to the Organisers, you can even join the event if you uses only an iphone.


3 Nikon (Me, Andy, Amanda) & 2 Canon (Sue Fang, Geng Hui).


We were given 3 themes for the photomarathon, each theme has 3 hours to complete and upload our best photo before the next theme was to be announced.

Theme 1: EAT
Theme 2: CIRCLE
Theme 3: IMAGINE

Check out my photo blog to see my entries and more shots.


  1. So sad that I forgot to register and this year's event falls on a day that I am FREE! Arrghh! Please count me in if you guys are going for the next year one.

  2. actually can sign up on the spot, walk ins..just need to pay $5 more..but definitely we can plan for next year's event together..

  3. Guys The photomarathon is on Bangalore,India Tomorrow... Please give me tips,
    Wats the procedure going to be..??Life Ur given Particular time for a theme n We have to take the photo within the boundary of the place is it.? or can we go out of the boundary n click the pictures local..?? Please guide soon... reply ASAP

  4. siddarth, just be creative. i'm not sure whether the process be the same in India. here, we are given 3hrs for each theme, total 3 themes. before the next theme is announced, you have to submit your best photo of the previous theme (unedited). so i guess it's good for you to understand how your camera and lens works.. there are no boundaries in Singapore, as long as we remain safe on the roads, law-abidding, and return before the 3hrs mark. basically we can go anywhere we want.

  5. most importantly, have FUN! unless you are really gunning to win the competition, if not, i will just advise to take the chance to hone your photography skills..check out more photography sites to have more ideas of what to shoot =p