Monday, September 5, 2011

Papa Likes This Smell

Most people including Kless will cringe their nose when they smell it. But since young, I like the smell of chinese medical oil, chinese herbs, etc.

Visited my favourite Chinese Sensei last weekend. Over the years, I have been there numerous times for sprained ankle, wrist, neck, fingers, back, and now shoulder. The business was passed on from the founder to his daughter and not to the 3rd generation grandson.


The black sticky stuff that I like.

Got to leave it on for 3 days. Already I can feel my shoulder more relaxed. Haahahha!!

Hardly see Joey so fascinated by something and sits quietly on the chair. Btw the bear bear she is holding to is her latest favourite toy, Bear Bear.


But soon she is her usual self, curious at what type of chinese medication is auntie preparing.

Auntie was so entertained by Joey and Jayne, she took out some sweets for the darlings. My girls are never too shy for a sweet.


Papa can go home and sleep well for the next few nights.


Thanks to Kless for her photos…


  1. I like a chinese medical centre smell too. Know what's that sticky stuff? How does it feel against the skin?

  2. like that smell too? quite rare for girls...

    the sticky stuff is chinese herbs mashed into some paste for the body to feeling against the skin de..