Monday, September 19, 2011

No iPad, Lesser TV, More Rest

That is the verdict after the 2nd eye check up for Joey. Though this 2nd check up reflects a more accurate eye condition, but it’s still a huge concern that at her tender age, the short-sightedness is so serious.

Like Kless mentioned, getting Joey to rest and not do anything for 30mins is almost impossible. So I guess we have to take drastic measures to ensure that she has enough rest.

Getting ready for the eye check. I can sense her nervousness, probably because the first check up, she had to endure the discomfort of having eye drops in her eyes, not once but twice.


Look at how she is biting her lower lips. Can’t blame her when the nurse is not very friendly too.


At least my girl knows how to maintain a nice lady pose even when she is nervous.



She looks so different now without her specs. But this photo really reminded me that she is just a 5-years-old girl. Maybe sometimes I have forgotten about that.


How can you expect me to see with such a specs?


End result is L (-650), R (-400)

Joey, you got to rest your eyes more from now on..


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