Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Day Of Gifts & Pains

Monday was the start of a week long holiday for Joey. So to reward her for the hard work in school, I have decided to bring her out for some fun and promised to buy her a present of her choice. Little did I expect the day to end with a crying child.

A trip to Ikea started with fun for the girls, we had ice-cream, hotdog buns, soft drinks and lots of laughter. Half way through the walk, Joey wandered off to play on her own. She was at least 2 sections away. That was 'cane 1'.

After reaching home with our purchases from Ikea, it's time for dinner and time to buy Joey's present.

Walking down the block to take the bus, Joey wandered ahead without us again. She just walked towards the main road expecting me to be behind her. That was 'cane 2'.

I didn't get the chance to administer the cane. No need to. Joey came to me crying at the mall asking me to forgive her. Which dad can still be angry after his daughter said sorry?

Who says parenthood is easy? Giving birth is level 10 difficulty (ok, I know women are the one giving birth but you need the man to conceive too). However, raising up a child is level 100 difficulty!

No way I'm giving up!


  1. *hugs* its not all bad days.. there are good ones too!

  2. yea! definitely..it's those happy days that give us the strength to carry on.. =D