Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dynamic Paintball @ Danga City Mall (JB)

Last week, was our Dept Fun-At-The-Office (FAT-O) day. Together with Ps Derek, Ps Jimmy, Ps Jeremy, Ps Edmund, Agnes, Andreas, Francis and me, 8 of us went into JB for a day of PAIN…

Really, I thought we were suppose to have fun and have a relaxed day away from the office/work. But it was totally the opposite. We were all super tired and came back with bruises and lots of pain. HOWEVER… we had like the BEST FUN ever as a team and experienced one of the most exciting and fun game ever.

Before I talk about the game, I have to mention that like a true Singaporean, we attend to our stomach before anything else. Recommending one of the best Bak Kut Teh in JB. The soup is not the peppery type you will normally find in Singapore and not the herbal type you will usually find in JB, it’s a mixture of both. Nice!


Wondering what is the name of the shop? It’s situated along Taman Sentosa.


Let’s be friendly for the meal..


Cos after the meal, PAINball PAINTball starts!

This is how the battle field looks like. Places for you to hide and take cover.


Can you see the orange dots on the wall? Those are the scars of war.


This is the centre of the playing field where it’s like a maze room with windows and entrances designed to confused the enemy or sometimes yourself.


The 2 teams getting ready for pain and fun. Orange team led by Ps Jimmy, has Ps Jeremy, Francis and Agnes (the only woman soldier). Blue team led by Ps Derek, consisted of Ps Edmund, Andreas and myself.


The ‘Markers’. Our referee told us it is not called weapons because the air guns are not used to kill but just to make a mark.


The ammunition & vest.


Not forgetting the very important face mask. As you can see mine has already been hit a few times, residue of orange paint. A player is out when he is hit on the vest or on his face mask.


After the game, this is how we looked. I took this shot doing a half squat, totally CMI, my legs are shaking from the vigorous exercise. Blurred shot.


Slightly better when I squatted down and rested my hands on my knees for support.


Our commando from US.


We had fun! I have no doubt we will be back again, maybe with more people. S$35 for a 3-hr game, 350 pellets for each player, inclusive of the coverall, marker, vest, face mask and gloves.

Included in the cost is also war-scar for remembrance.



  1. Hi! I came across your blog while searching for indoor paintball arena in JB. Can I know where did you go for your session, and how do I contact them to book? Thank you!

    1. Hi, you can check out their website. Call one of the person-in-charge and make a booking with them. They have the coveralls for you. But I would still suggest you to wear long pants and tee inside to have that additional protection.. have fun =)

    2. Thank you! Yes, after seeing your war scar....I believe it will be better to have additional protection too. Thank you for your help! (:

    3. hahaha..enjoy the pain and fun =)
      btw, thanks for dropping by my blog..hope you will find more interesting posts you will like..