Monday, January 14, 2013

Princess Cut & Sleeping Beauty Cut

I am grateful that unlike my friends, I don’t have to spend $20+ to bring my girls for a haircut at the kids’ hair salon. They have their personal hairstylist right at home! They can choose the different cuts they want and best of all, it’s FREE.

Introducing Joey’s “Sleeping Beauty Cut”. According to her, the haircut experience was so comfortable, she feels like sleeping. Joey chooses to just trim the back and not her fringe, 真爱美.

2013-01-12 11.06.18

2013-01-12 11.03.20

2013-01-12 11.03.31

2013-01-12 11.05.54

Or if you wish, you can choose Jayne’s style, the “Princess Cut”. Makes you look like a princess after it =)

2013-01-12 10.37.00

2013-01-12 10.34.17

2013-01-12 10.37.09

2013-01-12 10.37.50

2013-01-12 10.37.01

Anyone interested? Friendship charge, $10 per cut.. Hahahaa…

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