Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Incanto - A Magical Spectacular

I can’t remember when I stepped into a theatre for a show. So when Kless has the chance to do a media preview of Incanto @ Festive Grand Theatre, I raised both hands and legs in excitement!


This is a magical spectacular where reality and make-believe intertwine. The Master Magician, Joe Labero is a 3-time Merlin Award winning magician and this time round, he is bringing his arsenal of mind-blowing illusions to the stage, punctuated with a provocative mix of gravity-defying acrobatics, soaring vocals and dynamic dance moves.

Part of the media experience was to bring us to the backstage and see how some of the 50 over artistes prepare themselves for the show. This is the first time I am invited to a backstage experience, 100% interesting!


First up were the acrobats from China, they came and met us with a few stunning moves. Too bad the lightings were not good to have clearer shots.



As we went behind the stage, we can see up close to the props and sets, only one word – magnificent!


This is the “hamster-like” cage where the acrobats (4 of them) did their gravity-defying stuns. A few moments during the show, we were all blown away by the acrobatics done on this huge setting.


Thought that this blurred out photo sort of described my feelings during this particular segment.


Next up was the dancing studio. All the dancers for the show were there doing their stretching and practicing. I even joined them for a simple finale practice. Fun!


I think some of the dancers must just be in their teens. So blessed to be able to participate in such a grand performance at such young age.


They were so nice to perform the finale dance for us.


The final stop in the backstage tour was the makeup room.


We got a chance to try on some of the costumes and take a few photos.


Kless chose some a dragon head sleeve costume with a matching yellow skirt. Fierce!

DSC_5863 DSC_5864

While others had a chance to get a face painting.


More make ups and props..






Found a piece of the design sketch on the table.


After the backstage tour, we were more than excited to go into the theatre and watch the show. Our complimentary tickets, we got the Cat 2 seats, woohoo!


Sorry no photos allowed during the show, so if you want to know the details, book a ticket and experience it for yourself. Just a piece of advise, some of the magic scenes may not be suitable for younger kids and there are some pyrotechnics and loud sounds too.

Book now at:
Festive Grand Ticketing Centre
6577 8888

8pm (Mon, Thu & Fri)
4pm & 8pm (Sat & Sun)

S$148, S$98, S$88, S$78, S$48

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