Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Weeks Later

It has been 3 weeks since Day 1, when both Joey and Jayne started in their new schools respectively.

Joey with a cheeky look in her P1 uniform.


1st week was totally stressful for Joey, going into a brand new environment, and the place is so huge. Not like some of our friends, Joey’s primary school does not allow us to step into the school compound at all. Only a P4 student will bring Joey in and show her the way to the assembly hall, canteen and classroom.

So basically, Joey was left pretty much alone in her new school from Day 1. Not working in our favour was the delay in school bus arriving time, and other scenarios, Joey reported sick on the 3rd day of school. She called us from the school general office (one of her favourite places now), and reported that she was not feeling well. Stomach ache and felt like vomiting. All it turned out to be was stress. The feeling of being lost in a new place, not knowing exactly the time to report for assembly, no friends yet, our precious Joey had quite an uneventful first week. But thankfully from the 2nd week onwards, the bus timing was more stable, Joey made a few new friends, she is slowly starting to enjoy school life.

Next up was the issue of money. We started off with $2 pocket money, she spent $1 on green tea and $0.60 on porridge. We nearly fainted. Cut pocket money to $1.20. She bought watermelon for $0.60, borrowed $0.20 to a friend, then ended up borrowing $0.60 from teacher to buy her green tea again. Fainted, woke up and fainted again! last resort, we cut the pocket money to $0.70, let her bring food for recess time. Yesterday night she came back, gave us a big wide smile and told us she didn’t buy green tea (Thank you Jesus!), but she bought a packet of tissue paper that smelt like green tea (Jasmine). OMG!!! Why?!?

More lessons needed to be a better steward of money.



Jayne looking cute in her N2 uniform.

DSC_5896 DSC_5876

Jayne’s story was much different. From 0-2 years old, she only attended the playground in our office. Then for the entire year in 2012, she stayed at home with my mother. So for her to go to a full day Childcare Centre this year is a big change. She has to leave house early at 8am and can only reach home around 7pm daily. That is a long time for her to endure.

The first day was the worst, she cried the moment she entered the school and refused to let us go. Ended up we were there for almost 3 hours before we can finally sneaked away. The 2nd morning what we feared most happened, Jayne did not even want to wear her school uniform. We had to half force it and half dragged her out of bed, feed her and send her to school.

Every morning since the beginning, whenever we leave her at the school door, she will cry and hugged us so tightly we nearly faint. But once the teacher brings her in, the crying will stop and the day goes on as usual. Now it’s already the 3rd week, and the sequence has been the same. I just pray that one day (hopefully asap), she will not cry anymore and just walk into the centre willingly and with a smile.

My little princess’s smile is so pretty and cute!

DSC_5885 DSC_5886

Part of growing up is to learn to be independent. This is a growing process for both the children and parents. We need to learn to let go at the right time and let God.

I love both my girls!


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