Monday, January 21, 2013

We Are Young (no more)

岁月不饶人 – Stepping into year 2013 marks the last year for me as a 30s. Someone recently asked me how do I feel approaching 40. Seriously, I have not put much thought into this topic. Not that I am avoiding it, but really age is just a figure once you have crossed 30.

Psychologically reaching 40 is just a milestone to measure my accomplishments. What have I done and what will I be embarking on in the next one year. This is not the scary part, what is is the physical aspect of turning 40.

Since when did I pump air into the spare tyre round my waist? Since when did that nagging pain applied for Permanent Residence on my knee? Since when did waking up at 530am is a norm?

Just the other day while having dinner with Kless, we saw a group of JC students besides us. At most they are only 18/19 years old, which means I am twice their age. Suddenly I feel old.

Alright, I won’t end negative.
The positive about reaching 40:

I have my own family to go home to. This is one thing I won’t exchange for anything. And being a youth won’t give me that chance to enjoy fatherhood as much as I do now.

 2013-01-19 10.48.29

True friends who would accept you no matter what. We are at a stage in life whereby friends are no longer just about popularity. We are friends because we enjoy each others’ strengths and weaknesses. “Buddies” has a new level of meaning at this stage.

2013-01-20 22.55.19

Hopefully your Monday is not getting “blue-r” after reading this post. Maybe its the weather when I write this post, I blame the rain.

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