Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Ways To Be A Horrible Dad

If your aim is to be a horrible dad, read on.. If not, read on as well to know what you should not do..

Here are 3 ways to be a horrible dad

1. The Horrible Dad ALWAYS Works Late
The boss is looking to promote a new manager in the department, so working late is just going to be the right move to show him you are more than committed and able for the promotion. A promotion means more income and that would translate into better life for the family. Isn’t that good?
After work is happy hour. Which is more fun? Feeding your children at home or going out with your colleagues for a nice meal and wine at the newly open restaurant? Anyway the kids will have to sleep early cos tomorrow there school. Why bother to go home and just spend 30mins with them?

2. The Horrible Dad DISLIKES Reading To His Child
Reading needs time and patience. Why read to her when she has to one day learn how to read for herself?
Dads are suppose to be action figures, reading is for mothers. It would be more fun to go out and play football or cycle with the kids than reading.
Moreover, the children’s books are so childish, who cares about what the Bananas are wearing as pyjamas?


3. The Horrible Dad NEVER Spends One-On-One Time With His Child
One-on-one time should be reserve for oneself. With your iPhone, with your new BMW, with your latest gadgets. Kids just need to have new toys to entertain them. Time = Spending money to buy new things.
You would rather spend the time watching your drama series or going out with kakis for coffee.



Before you start to think I am such a horrible dad, let me defend for myself. I have to admit occasionally I do fall into one of the 3 mentioned “horrible dad” actions. So the important thing is to constantly remind ourselves not to miss out on the important details of our kids’ life. No matter how old our children are now, they will always be looking at us as parents, as their support and their encourager.

Make a decision – do not be a Horrible Dad.

But  just for the fun of it, if you have other ideas on “How to be a horrible dad”, please feel free to share =)

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