Friday, July 6, 2012

A Game of Monopoly

Kless did an advertorial for Monopoly, if you want to read more click here.

I’m not giving away any free sets, but I’ll intro to you the different Monopoly sets I have at home.

First up, the junior sets – good for a start for the young ones. But quality is not as good.

DSC_0995 (2)

Next up, the adult version, the one we are all very familiar with. The original flavour.
As you can see from the state of the box, you can see we have played it for more years now. Personally, this is the best version, I’m quite an old-fashioned man.


DSC_1022 (2)

Still remember the shoe, the hat, the iron, the car, the ship, the dog? Nostalgic right?


If you are the high-class type then this Monopoly set will be your favourite. The Onyx Edition in the usual black classy box.

DSC_1005 (2)

As you can see, its too high class to be played on, its still wrapped up.

DSC_1008 (2)

Check out the playing board. Cool TTM!

DSC_1007 (2)


Last but not least, the latest 2-sided Monopoly set Kless is giving out, Singapore version.


Played with cash and credit cards.


Are you ready to GO? It’s Monopoly time!


They are ready!


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