Monday, July 23, 2012

Udders Ice Cream

I do not understand why so many people are addicted to ice-creams. Personally I am not a fan of anything icy. I prefer hot desserts (cheng teng, mo mo cha cha). I prefer hot drinks (kopi o, soya bean milk).

However, with 3 ladies in the family, one of the favourite places we go to is ice cream shops. If I can choose, I would definitely recommend Udders, the ice cream here has to be the best I have tasted so far.


A good ice cream shop does not need to offer a lot of different ice cream flavours. What is more important is the quality of the flavours and probably the ambience to enjoy it.


Since it a rare treat for the girls (wife included), I have decided to allow every one to order one flavour each.


Jayne’s choice was Strawberry Fields (with real fresh strawberries). Surprisingly, it is not too sweet.


Joey chose her usual favourite – Chocolaty Kit Kat. Filled with chucks of kit kat, this is one of the best chocolate ice cream I have tried. Again, it’s not too sweet.


My choice (since I hardly eat ice cream), was the most expensive scoop in the shop – Mao Shan Wang Durian. What else do I need to say about this ice cream? A combination of bitter, sweet, fragrant, all of those flavours expected of a durian. Power!


To compliment my durian choice, Kless decided on the refreshing Lychee Martini. A dash of lychee with vodka, this little cup of ice cream is the perfect combination to go along with the stronger flavour durian ice cream.


Our recommendations.


Proof of how good the ice creams are. Not one bit was wasted.


Happy customers, happy family.




  1. Hey! Thanks for the post. We appreciate it! :)

    Dina, The Udders Workshop Team

    1. Hey, welcome! We will be bringing the girls back this saturday again =)