Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joey, I Am Learning More About Her Everyday

Since when I do not know, Joey just loves the beach. Even alone without any friends, she is able to spend hours playing on the beach, digging holes, filling it with seawater, etc.


Joey is a child who is very active, she can hardly sits still for more than 5mins, unless she is playing the iPad or watching her favourite TV programs. But one thing for sure, she is a leader. Regardless of age, race or gender, when it comes to playing with other kids, she will naturally wants to lead and gives instructions.

From the recent trip to the beach, I realised another trademark of this amazing child. She is a very determined and focused child.

She was digging a hole in the sand and doing well, when suddenly the waves came and “destroyed” her plan. I was wondering what will Joey do. Will she just give up and stop playing? Or will she continue to just dig another hole?
Just put your foot down and do it again.


Joey did feel a bit discouraged that her little project was destroyed. But very quickly, she took up her digging equipment and started to dig a another hole further away from the waves. But this time she became cleverer, instead of just throwing aside the sand she dug out, she used the sand to build a wall of protection round the hole.

Well done girl! Daddy is proud of you!


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