Monday, July 2, 2012

Sentosa Finders Clickers!

In conjunction of celebrating Sentosa 40th Anniversary, we were invited to a Scavenger Hunt with many thanks to Sentosa Leisure Group.


Game rule:
Search for clues, take a photo on our phone and check it on FourSquare with a link to Twitter & Facebook.

3 hours from 9am to 12noon

Prizes to be won:
1st prize – One night Staycation in Sentosa
2nd prize – Megazip Combo Passes
3rd prize – Coasters Dining Vouchers

Look at how “giam cai” our complimentary entry form was after 3 hours of running and visiting the different attractions. The sun was merciless and even though we were the only family team in the competition, we never gave up and completed 8 out of 10 stations.


Our rewards – 3RD PRIZE!! And one year Islander Membership for all 4 of us.


Since I was the only one with a FourSquare account, I was in-charge of checking in and tweeting. Kless took over my D90 and took photos.

One of the clue was to search for a photo in the 400 photos all over the “Sentosa” word.


No scavenger hunt can be completed without the help of a map, right?


This was the first time all of us tried the Luge. The luge ride was fantastic, wish to do it more, but the skyride was too terrifying for me.




Too bad the Cable Car company is not under Sentosa Management, we only managed to take photos with the birds from Scandinavia. The girls were happy to see them angry.


The main difference between having fun in Gold Coast and in Sentosa.


Nonetheless, thanks for the great memories!


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