Monday, July 9, 2012

Poses For Photographing Children

Based on my limited experience in photography, I think I can safely state that photographing children is a challenge. We can never prepare them 100%, their attention span is as short as your fuse, they have their own agenda which usually is not what you have in mind.

Having said the above, I personally think photographing children is one of the most satisfying experience in photography. More than often, you will be stunned by the simplicity of their expressions and interest in certain object or event. The innocence and sense of adventure in children are so badly missed in adults especially seen in photos.

There is no one way to take nice photos. Every time I ask someone about their method or experience, one of the few tips are: be natural, be sincere, be willing to try, be creative. In short, just continue to take more photos.

Here are some of the poses I have taken the past few months:

1. Shoot from their eye level


2. Get them to lie down on the ground and shoot from a very low angle


3. Take a photo when you child is concentrating on doing something


4. Don’t miss a happy moment or even a crying scene


5. Use food as props


6. Soap bubble is a sure hit to bring out that ‘O-shape’ mouth


7. Playground, this is where you can sit how the siblings help each other


8.  I always find children to be the most serene and beautiful when they are sleeping


If you are parent and you have not started on this happy journey of documenting your child’s growing stages, I would highly recommend you to do so soon. The camera gear is not your main care, just be reminded to take as many shots as possible. Kids grow up too fast for us to consider too many other things.

Many parenting tips will say, love for children is spelt T-I-M-E. Taking photos takes time with kids.

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