Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chinese Garden 裕华园

When was the last time I visited the Chinese Garden? Maybe 12-15 years ago.
Thanks to Kless who is always on the lookout for new places to bring the girls out, we decided to visit the garden which was built in 1975 and spans 13.5 hectares.

Walking from the MRT towards the garden, we met an Uncle who probably just finished his morning walk and he was so sporting to pause for a photo.


Even at a peaceful & tranquil place like Chinese Garden, we still need to be reminded that Singapore is a “fine” country.


Obviously Jayne was not very happy about the “no bicycle allowed” rule.


The first thing you will see when you walked into the Garden will be the famous 7-storey Pagoda.


I think it’s a Chinese culture to build bridges, cos we can find so many different bridges in the garden. Wooden bridge is my favourite.


The Pagoda from a lower view point.



After the long flight of stairs up, the view was great.



A rare chance to see Joey posing once again. First a match up to see who has a fiercer look, then a “fake” scared look. Creative!



Jayne also did a cute pose beside the lion statue.


Along the way, we saw these 8 statues of some great Chinese historical figures.

林则徐 – Fame fight against opium resulting in the First Opium War
郑和 – Famous maritime explorer
文天祥 – Popular symbol of patriotism and righteousness
岳飞 – Chinese patriotic general
花木蘭 – Iconic heroine in Chinese culture
關羽 – Mighty warrior aka God of war
屈原 – Prominent poet in Chinese classical literature
孔子 – Great sage, politician and philosopher


Even under the hot sun, both girls are still enjoying every moment and posing.



We had loads of fun! This can be another great place for families’ gathering, a large space for kids to run around, and beautiful pavilions for adults to rest and talk.


Best of all, it’s FOC!


If you are thinking of visiting the garden, look out for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration coming up in September. There will be the usual Lantern Extravaganza with a display of over 5000 lanterns and fireworks. Be sure to be there!

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