Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cat & Fish

I was talking a walk in Pasir Ris one afternoon with my camera and wasn’t expecting to shoot anything since I thought it was just a quiet neighbourhood.

But the fun thing about photography is not knowing what you will find.

I have never develop any special liking to cats, but in terms of photographing, cats are so more cooperative compared to dogs. With my 50mm, I had to move closer on 3 counts to finally get the shots I have. But the cute little kitten was so clam and didn’t move at all.





From my in-law’s place, it’s a 10mins walk to the fishing park.


Contrasting to the lively cat, here are some photos of what you will find at a fishing pond. Dead fish baits. Even looking at the photo now, I can still smell the horrible fishy smell. Yucks!




Not going to leave you with some gross fish photos. Back to a cute cat instead. Maybe I will keep a cat. Just maybe…


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