Monday, August 6, 2012

#CookForFamily - Kuan Breakfast

In June, I came across this initiative started by a famous food blogger in Singapore, Daniel Ang, he blogs at Daniel’s Food Diary. Of course this initiative is not to promote his blog (as if he still need much intro), but I would really want to thank him for starting this project which really got me thinking of the family time I have with my kids and wife.

A family that eats together stays together.
Don’t know who said that, but I think there is certainly truth in that statement.

So what is this #CookForFamily initiative all about?
Here are some facts:
- more than 100 bloggers joined in this project
- each blogger will pick a date in July to cook a meal for a single member of their family, entire family or loved ones
- the meal does not have to be fanciful, as long as it is cooked from the heart


So this is my menu for the family.

Kuan Breakfast
1. Pancakes with honey and butter
2. Omelette with mushroom and ham
3. Orange juice

Ingredients needed
1. Pancakes – flour, egg and water
2. Omelette – 6 eggs, 1 can of mushroom and 5 slices of breakfast ham (you can add more if you prefer, but too much will make the omelette a bit too salty)
3. Juice – originally wanted to do self-squeezed juice, but realised we don’t have the equipment at home, so just buy lah..


The decision to prepare breakfast was an easy one. Since we will always bring the girls out on Saturday mornings for breakfast, why don’t I cook for them instead, right? Simple.

Not simple at all…the night before, I actually couldn’t sleep well, thinking of whether should I give up and just buy breakfast instead. What if the girls don’t like the breakfast? What if they have tummy ache after eating the breakfast I prepared? But I have given my word. Just pray and prepare with more care bah..

Joey decided to lend a helping hand.


Bringing out all my ingredients, it’s time to get my hands dirty. Decided to add some vegetables for the girls, broccoli and carrots.




Preparing for the pancakes is much easier, just need to measure out the correct portion of flour and water, mix well and ready to cook.


With the amazing HappyCall, cooking has never been easier.


Wait till the pancakes are full of “holes” like the one on the top right, then it’s time to flip over.


And we got our nicely done pancakes, sizes determined on your preferences.


Next up, preparing the ingredients for the omelette – eggs, mushroom and ham. This need more time and skills.


Cutting is not easy at all…



Stir fry the mushroom and ham with a bit of oil. By doing so, the ham will be tastier when you add on the eggs.


After about 1 min, add in the egg and spread it out evenly.


Once again, with HappyCall you just need to close the lid, turn it over after about a minute or so, this is what you will see. Perfectly cooked omelette.


My final product. Can you see my proud smile? =)


Okay, the presentation is not very nice, but I can assure you the taste is not too bad.



I’m really happy to have participate in this project. Not only was it fun to do, it gave me a time to bond with my family. One lesson I learnt, cook what the kids like to eat, don’t cook what we think is the easiest or most healthy. The family got to enjoy what we cook, if not the entire idea loses its meaning. Right?

This cooking also gave me a chance to slow down and enjoy my family time (Joey as my helper). In a busy Singaporean lifestyle, even family time has become like work, rushing from here to there, bringing our kids to attend this event or that event. Signing them up for this course or that lesson. All these are good and my girls did enjoy most of the events, but I feel what they will treasure more and remember longer will be the time we spent together like this. Simple affair, but totally filled to the brim with love and undivided attention, no other agenda. Bravo!




(all photos courtesy of Klessis)


  1. This is really really sweet!! and btw, it was nice meeting u dat day!

    See ya around!

  2. Yea! Nice to meet all of you too =)